What Thoughts?

Thoughts on Films was started by two guys, Fikri and Fazil. Many years later, Muz has come on board to take part in the proceedings, with the world’s only film podcast to be recorded in Bahasa Malaysia. Now with Ezzah on board, the mission continues to think aloud on films in Malaysia and beyond!

Film fanatics brought together by a passion for all things film, the idea is to share with others our ideas and ramblings that are hopefully interesting enough for other film lovers. Once in a while, we pick other, bigger brains; whether we get the directors or academics, historians or activists, it’ll be fun to grill the big people (and the little ones) with the big questions (and the little ones).

If ever you have a question for us yourself, drop us a line at mail@thoughtsonfilms.com. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Get on board, strap in, and let’s hope that we have enough plutonium for the journey back…

Home page banner: Kenneth Lu/Flickr

5 thoughts on “What Thoughts?

  1. hi guys,

    No reviews on Dalam Botol from you? Or any of the new James Lee mainstream films? Would love to hear your opinions on some recent Malaysian films (2011). Thanks!

    1. I have indeed been watching them, though mainly on DVDs. I’ll write about them soon enough. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Fikri, you the bomb! Can’t believe how much this site has grown! Feel like doing a homecoming pulak 🙂

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