Thoughts on Films is a platform that thinks aloud on films in Malaysia and beyond. Founded in 2008 by Fikri Jermadi and Fazil Taquiddin, it features views, reviews and interviews discussing key film discourse.

There is an emphasis on Malaysian and regional short films and independent productions, enlightening with insight into their endeavours. We also feature discussions with filmmakers in the country and beyond.

We provide space for a variety of contributors, ranging from filmmakers like Muzzamer Rahman and Elise Shick, to film thinkers such as Hassan Abdul Muthalib and Norman Yusoff.

In 2013, we started the Thoughts on Films podcast, tracking key films and discussions. Hosted by Fikri Jermadi and Muzzafar Shah Hanafi, it was the first of its kind in the country, and was conducted primarily in Bahasa Malaysia.

Relaunched in 2020, it now counts Ezzah Mahmud as a co-host, and is available on Spotify, Stitcher and other major audio outlets.

Editor in Chief, Co-Founder and Podcast Co-Host
Fikri Jermadi

Podcast Co-Hosts
Ezzah Mahmud and Muzzafar Shah Hanafi

Fazil Taquiddin

Adi Iskandar
Ahmad Syazli Muhd Khiar
Aisyah Ezral
Budi Citawan
Elise Shick
Gisella Livia Lie
Hafiz Rahman
Hassan Abdul Muthalib
Lim Wei Jie
Mahadi J. Murat
Maszalida Hamzah
Muzzamer Rahman
Norman Effendi
Norman Yusoff
Puteri Tasnim Arif
Sheril Bustaman
Syahirah Jermadi
Tang Mei San
Wina Widaningrum

Contact Us
If you have a comment or query, get in touch with us via email at

5 thoughts on “

  1. hi guys,

    No reviews on Dalam Botol from you? Or any of the new James Lee mainstream films? Would love to hear your opinions on some recent Malaysian films (2011). Thanks!

    1. I have indeed been watching them, though mainly on DVDs. I’ll write about them soon enough. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Fikri, you the bomb! Can’t believe how much this site has grown! Feel like doing a homecoming pulak 🙂

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