Thoughts on Films – Episode 7: Gone With The Queen

tof-icon1We’re back with a new episode and…a new guest! We welcome Ezzah Mahmud, the first ever lady to be featured as a guest on the show. Fikri, Muz and Ezzah discuss about the multiple narrative film, ‘Kolumpo’, and the cities of love. They also explore the much ignored but not forgotten Malaysian film scene, its culture and impact to Malaysians. Of course, along the way they ramble about other films which have nothing to do with Malaysia (or even films at all, for that matter). All this and more on the only film podcast show in Bahasa Malaysia that is not entirely testosterone laden and still very much in touch with the feminine side (we think)!

Dan Lain-lain 

Lampu Limpah

Download the episode in MP3 format here. Special thanks to Wubcat for letting us use ‘Mind Tricks’. Drop a line at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Featured image credit: Wallpaper Motion 

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