Thoughts on Films – Episode 14: A Great Day

tof-icon1With ‘The Journey’ making huge waves at the top of the Malaysian box office, Fikri and Muz decided to take a step back and watch his previous film, ‘Great Day’. This episode, then, is a review of the film, discussing the authorship of Malaysia’s hottest director of the day, Chiu Keng Guan, and the potential impact he may have on Malaysian cinema. Also on the world’s only film podcast in Bahasa Malaysia, we pray for the safe return and well-being of those on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and their friends and family. #PrayForMH370, people.

Lampu Limpah: Great Day

Download the episode in MP3 format here. Special thanks to Wubcat for letting us use ‘Mind Tricks’. Drop a line at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Featured image credit: Wallpaper Motion

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