Thoughts on Films – Episode 24: We Need To Talk About…Sinema Islam

tof-icon1When we say we, we don’t actually mean we. That’s because, fellow citizens of Earth, we are back with a new episode that…doesn’t really have us in it! This time we’re taking a(nother) little break from talking about films to make way for an event that took place in FINAS’s Pawagam Mini P.Ramlee called ‘Seminar Filem Islam: Falsafah, Nilai dan Cabaran’ (Islamic Films: Philosophy, Value and Challenges). It was organised by Centre for International Islamic Culture (CiTRA) of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), this episode is a recording of a presentation by Dr. Norman Yusoff, where he talked about the relationship of Islam cinema and genre. So check out more stuff about cinema philosophy, classification and a thought or two about the value of Islam in silver screen art on the one and only film podcast in Bahasa Malaysia that touches the subject of Muslim Cinema! (Fact. We’ve checked)

Lampu Limpah

Download the episode in MP3 format here. Special thanks to Wubcat for letting us use ‘Mind Tricks’. Drop a line at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Featured image credit: Wallpaper Motion

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