Thoughts on Films – Episode 43: Trials And Tribulations Of A Subtitler

tof-icon1We’re back with a special episode and a special guest! This week, we welcome Wina once again, as Fikri makes good use of his time in Jakarta. They both sit down and discuss one of Wina’s secret careers: she is a television programme subtitler! Or at least, a cog in the subtitling machine, as she constantly puts it. Nevertheless, it is an important cog, and this is an important episode as Fikri and Wina discuss her experience, how she comes to hate reality shows, and why it’s difficult to translate the word dog into Indonesian. Check it out!

Lampu Limpah

Download the episode in MP3 format here. Special thanks to Wubcat for letting us use ‘Mind Tricks’. Drop a line at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Featured image credit: Wallpaper Motion

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