Thoughts on Films – Episode 29: The South China Sea Podcast Show

August 11, 2014

tof-icon1Boys and girls, the boys are back in town! Well, they’re not in the same town…but, you know what they mean. They’re here for their 29th episode as well, even if they kept referring to it as their 28th episode, but…again, you know what they mean. No worries there, then, as Fikri and Muz tucks into the latest news and views from in and around the Malaysian scene, though there’s something from beyond that as well, but…you can cut them some slack, can you? After all, it’s only the latest episode from the world’s only film podcast to be recorded in Bahasa Malaysia in different countries! Read the rest of this entry »


Going International By Being Local – The Raid 2: Berandal

August 10, 2014


Having watched the film, Ezzah Mahmud got so excited she wrote a nice review for us!

I’ve been anticipating this film after watching the credits roll for ‘The Raid: Redemption’, the first film. I was visually and psychologically moved by the brutality of the film, as well as the charming gaze of Iko Uwais, an Indonesian heartthrob who took the lead role in the film.

In ‘The Raid 2’, the plot continues, giving us the story that happened after Rama (Iko Uwais) got out from the building filled with gangsters in ‘The Raid’. After that incident, Rama went to meet a police insider recommended by his brother. He then told Rama that what he faced earlier were just some anchovies in the sea. What they need to do now is hunt the sharks, the big boss, the ‘Abang Long’ of all this messed up and corrupted world they’re living in. Read the rest of this entry »


Tuan Zain, A Malaysian Visionary and a Principled Documentary Filmmaker

August 1, 2014


In a special article, Mr Hassan Muthalib takes a closer look at the godfather of Malaysian documentary films.

After more than three decades of his passing, the contributions and dedication of Mohd. Zain Hussain has finally been acknowledged. At the 2013 Malaysian Documentary Film Awards organised by the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS), Tuan Zain, as he was more popularly known, was given, posthumously, the Veteran Documentary Filmmaker Award. On hand to receive it was his son, Zahari Zain. Read the rest of this entry »


Thoughts on Films – Episode 28: The Vikings Are Here!

July 28, 2014

tof-icon1Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back after a bit of a hiatus! This will be something of a special episode, featuring a panel discussion held at FINAS sometime ago on the film ‘Vikingdom’. Our very own Fikri was called in to moderate the session, and it features the film’s producer Norman Abdul Halim, KRU Studios’ Archie Nasution and Roslen Hashim from Harian Metro. The episode runs for over an hour, so we hope you’ll be in for some good times. We’ll be back soon as per usual, but until then, we wish each and everyone of you Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays from the world’s only film podcast to be done in Bahasa Malaysia! Read the rest of this entry »


Game, Set, Match Cut – The Other Final

July 13, 2014


With the final of the World Cup imminent, Fikri Jermadi takes a look at a film that’s not about it at all.

‘The Other Final’ is one of the best football films I’ve ever seen.

That is a claim made with the firm acknowledgement that I have not seen every football related film ever made in the history of mankind. There’s a number of very strong candidates out there, including those I’ve yet to review for this site in this fashion. Nevertheless, bear in mind that I am a very big football fan; though I support primarily Malaysia and Manchester United (my conduit into this wonderful game), I am equally intrigued by regional football in South East Asia, how the war have affected the game in war-torn zones, and Slovakian football in the mid-90s (the subject of my next football article). It is safe to say that I am very keen on the sport, and have devoured a lot of texts and material produced in relation to the game.

With that in mind, let me repeat the first sentence: ‘The Other Final’ is one of the best football films I’ve ever seen. Read the rest of this entry »


Political Football – The Forbidden Team

July 12, 2014


Fikri Jermadi wonders how possible it is to talk about Tibet without being political, even in a film review.

How pervasive is politics in our life?

I considered that question greatly in watching ‘The Forbidden Team’. It is a documentary that follows the attempt by Tibet to field a team against Greenland in Denmark. Their journey is rife with political and practical obstacles, but this documentary is as much about the attempted emancipation of a segment of the Tibetan population as it is about the staging of an international football match. Read the rest of this entry »


Puff Piece – Life of Ryan: Caretaker Manager

July 11, 2014


In reviewing ‘Life of Ryan: Caretaker Manager’, Fikri Jermadi starts with an apology.

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I should have exercised some restraint in this matter, but when it comes to something like this, I guess you could say I have very little patience to actually wait for what’s coming next.

I highly doubt you could guess what it is I am banging on about, so I’ll just cut to the chase: in the middle of having watched a lot of films I’ve yet to review, I’ve decided to slot in another one just for fun. Writing the review for ‘Class of 92’, I chanced upon the fact that one of the co-directors, Gabe Turner, took it upon himself to direct a straight-to-TV effort called ‘Life of Ryan’. Read the rest of this entry »


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