Thoughts on Films – Episode 57: The One with Two Muzzes

The 57th episode of Thoughts on Films sees Fikri and Ezzah get together to reflect on some contributions from their friends. This includes the two Muzzes, one (Muzzafar) sharing his thoughts on being inside the world’s largest COVID-19 lockdown, while the other (Muzzamer) expressing his feelings on the postponement of his film, ‘Takut Ke Tak’. We also have a listen to Lin Ariffin, one of the persons behind Aussie Malaysian TV in Melbourne, Australia, as she describes a special documentary project she is working on. Finally, Ezzah sheds more light on her experiences at Walkabout Asia, a microdocumentary channel she is currently attached to.

Featured image credit and podcast cover art: Erkan Utu / Pexels

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