Going Crazy – The Value of My Sanity

The Value of My Sanity is one man’s unfortunate fall from grace; a tumultuous unasked journey into the comforting and inviting abyss of insanity. It is an amusing and lighthearted glimpse into the trials and tribulations of modern life, and a reminder of how easy one may fall into the cracks.”


Jealousy can be a good thing.

Yes, I mean that. Jealousy, envy…anger, even, can all be positive. One can argue that it is not the emotions themselves that are necessarily negative; rather, it is the effect of, and the perception of, that is most damaging to these emotions.

But I digress. The point is…I am jealous.

It was a few weeks ago, stepping out of the theatre, having my appetite satiated by ‘Wanted’, that I was driven to think of something…relevant. Something that the movie itself had inspired in me, a movie in which the central character rebelled against all those who suppressed him, and took control of his own life. At the very least, there is something there, something ‘Fight Club’-ish, about doing something you don’t want for the things you don’t need, that made me think I could explore this further.

What, after all, is the meaning of life, I had thought at the time. I was excited about the possibility of trying to actually making a movie that people can connect to.

A few days later, I saw the final trailer for the short film, ‘The Value of My Sanity’. I can’t quite figure out how to embed the actual trailer itself here, but for the sake of embedding something, here’s an earlier teaser to the film:

After watching the trailer, the only thought that went through my mind, as Fazil might have put it himself, is “f*ck.” 🙂

Fikri doesn’t care. He will still make his own film about the meaning of life. ‘The Value of My Sanity’ is due for release in August 2008. Here’s a short interview with the film’s producer Zachary Ong.

Featured image credit: HD Wallpapers Fit

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